Verdict on Westway Hotel Becoming a Homeless Shelter

After a recent increase in the community's distaste of transitioning the Westway Motel into a permanent homeless shelter, the Department of Homeless Services has officially removed it from the list of options, according to the Times Ledger. For years, the hotel has been used as a temporary transition home for families, however, on multiple occasions, the DHS has tried to expand the facility's use to single men and permanent families.

While the motel officially sits in East Elmhurst, it's wedged between Ditmars and Astoria Blvds, and has many local elected officials speaking out against it. Largely, the biggest complaint is the hotel's lacking proximity to public transportation and the limited access to nearby schools and jobs.

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Comment by animalhouse on February 23, 2012 at 3:27pm

Thank god!  Its a mile away from the train and its surrounded by families and homes.  No nearby stores.. nothing to do but for people to hang out and get in trouble.  Made absolutely no sense at all for this to be a shelter.

Comment by Rita on February 23, 2012 at 3:17pm

When I was planning my wedding, we looked into the local hotels in order to help others plan their stay. At that time the choices were really limited.. and expensive.  This place is scary. They had 3 inch thick bullet proof glass and an advertisement for renting porn at the front desk. It is a nasty place in the middle of a residential area. Would not more of the industrial areas be more appropriate for housing single men who are homeless? But then again, it is already a questionable business... 



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