Boy am I a clutz. I busted up my pinky toe good a few weeks ago.  My toe caught on the side of the tub and I kept walking, and the toe didn't. I wasn't entirely sure at first that I needed medical attention. After a few minutes I took a look at my foot.

Hmmm.... a toe shouldn't stick out like that! Time for the emergency room! Went to Mount Sinai in Astoria,  NEVER AGAIN.

First off, it hurt like hell to walk, and they DIDN'T HAVE A WHEELCHAIR. It took them over 20 minutes to find me a wheelchair. The swelling was getting worse.

Then the PA was yelling at the Xray tech in front of me, all with her paint stained wrinkled cargo pants. Later after the Xray was taken she was OOHING AND AHHING and OOOH GIRLIN' at my Xray. So unprofessional, telling me thats the ugliest break she's seen in a while, even pulling other nurses and doctors in just to gawk at it. All while waiting for some foot doctor to come in. 

View from underneath X-ray. Yes its nasty but be professional!

Once this foot doctor came in, she was of little help constantly phoning someone more experienced at home. She decided to reset it and told me once its numbed it won't hurt. Well, 4 very painful shots through the foot later I STILL felt the reset. It hurt so badly I thought I was going to pass out. Then they took another Xray and it turns out she was unsuccessful at putting the toe back in place and told me that my toe will likely need to have pins placed in it. Then she didn't clean off the blood from the shots and then did this horrible wrap job with a weird plaster thing that kept my leg soaked well over 3 hours after I left the hospital its still showed no signs of drying so I just removed it.

The following day (since it was late at night) my neighbor goes to fill the prescirption for me for my pain medication. Turns out just the PA signed it and you needed a physcian's signature because it was a controlled substance. The people at the pharmacy said this hospital does this often and they can't legally fill the prescriptions.


A day later I got in at my orthopedist office to see the podiatrist. He told me that first off, you never put pins in pinky toes, that whoever told me that clearly knows squat. He also told me that if they had numbed the toe properly I shouldn't have felt the reset at all. I even showed him photos of the plaster thing they put on me and he was like WTF where did you go??!? The way my foot was bruising he believed that she actually damaged the toe further than helping me.

Bruising starts


Back in 2009, I took an ex here, they said he had a stye in his eye and gave him ointment and sent him on his way. The next day both his eyes were swollen shut. Turned out he had an allergic reaction all along NOT a stye. So Here's the deal, don't go to Mount Sinai in Astoria unless you want to remained injured or ill, or get further damaged!

I am out of the boot today and I go for a followup next week. Should be healed soon!!! It'll be nice to have my feet back.

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Comment by Rita on February 14, 2012 at 4:38pm

Wow. the two times I went to the emergency room there I had no problems. It really must matter who is on duty. I guess I was lucky. One time with a broken nose.. and another time with a nasty allergic reaction.Both times I was taken care of right away, and they did a good job.  So sorry you had this stressful experience. 

Comment by Kyria on February 10, 2012 at 12:24pm

That place scares me. Oddly, I've actually had two good experiences there. Once, my arm was swollen almost to my shoulder from an infected burn. They didn't make me wait at all (I had an infection that was spreading to my heart) and they immediately put me on IV antibiotics. I guess you can, like, die from not taking care of that n' stuff.

The second time, this asshole bearded welder named John punched me in the head. I was vomiting and couldn't look at the ceiling without pain (which is a problem). The doctor diagnosed me with a concussion, which in turn allowed me to have the bastard arrested. The cops didn't believe he'd actually assaulted me until that point. 

So, all-in-all, I have had one experience that saved my life (probably) and the other that allowed an abuser to be arrested. 

I think that's unusual, though. Most people hate that place, and it's certainly not my first choice... just the closest.  

Comment by Rob Babecki on February 9, 2012 at 11:21am

This place is fucking awful. I went there twice back in November because it's the close to me and I ended up walking out both times without receiving any treatment.

One morning I was taking a pill capsule that went down wrong and it caused my throat to close up, it was so swollen I could barely swallow, talk or breathe. After a while the swelling didn't go down on it's own, so we went to the ER in the afternoon. They wanted to give me an x-ray without even examining me first. I knew the pill had likely dissolved and it was a chemical reaction. When I questioned why I needed an X-Ray when no one even examined me first,  the ER nurse, Doc and X-ray attendant all started yelling at me.

I ended up walking out and going to a neighborhood doctor who got me in to see an ENT Specialist nearby.  He actually examined my throat (WHAT A CONCEPT) and gave me liquid steroids to get the swelling down.

Later that night the ENT doc called to check up on me. The swelling really wasn't down much so he told me to go back to the ER to get intravenous steroids that would work faster. After the awful experience I had earlier I didn't want to go back. The ENT called the ER, told them exactly what I needed and asked them to give it to me when I went back. He even called us back to tell us the name of the doctor he spoke to there.

Very stubbornly I went back. I was in the waiting room for over 2 hours, I told everyone I saw that the doctor called in my situation but no one had any record of it. There was a drunk guy yelling and screaming in the ER waiting room freaking everyone out and any time a patient complained about it the staff just ignored him. They messed up my allergy information TWICE, and after 2  1/2 hours they finally examined me and said they'd give me the steroids, but they had to admit me to do so, give me X-Rays (even though they knew exactly what the issue was) and keep me for observation, once they could find a bed.

I ended up sitting in a chair in the back surrounded by people in random hospital beds in the hallway. It looked like a triage tent in a 3rd world war torn country.  People's machines were flashing red and their vitals were all over the place and the nurses barely flinched. It was a nightmare.

After about an hour of that mess I decided I'd rather go home and risk not breathing in my sleep than stay there. So I walked out again for the 2nd time without anyone treating me, even though they knew exactly what the issue was and what to do for me.

Luckily I woke up the next day and the steroids the ENT Doctor gave me finally did the trick.

If I get a bill from this hell hole I am fighting it tooth and nail. All they did was ignore me, lose my information, fight with me and make me choose to risk my airway closing at home and possibly dying in my sleep then to let them ignore me or give me unnecessary tests like X-Rays to run up my bill.  

Unless you are bleeding to death and can't get anywhere else in time DO NOT go to this hospital. You'll be glad you didn't.

Comment by Christopher Sahar on February 8, 2012 at 9:15pm

Sounds like the place should simply be shut down.

Comment by Kellyann Patricia on February 8, 2012 at 2:37pm

I am a nurse and I can tell you, if I was hit by a two ton truck and only had one pinky working, I would crawl FAR AWAY from Mt. Sinai. I was there twice as a patient (should have learned the first time) and received horrible care. The second visit was for a cat bite which I knew was badly infected and probably had cellulitis. At that time I wasn't a nurse and I knew that information. One hand was three times the size of the other and looked as if a baseball was beneath the skin. When the "dr" came to examine me, he looked at both hands and asked, "which one is the one you are having problems with?" Hello, my hand was so swollen I couldn't even wiggle my fingers! Needless to say, I discharged myself and got the hell out of there. To this day, I have no idea how they remain open!

Comment by Veronica Curtis on February 7, 2012 at 7:28pm

If you're dying and in the back of an ambulance please make sure your last words are "Mount Sinai on 98th street in Manhattan". I was there with a friend last week. Under staffed, packed to the brim, full of neighborhood wackies who visit two to three times a day... (Joe, a practical resident, was going to punch someone in the face if he didn't get something to eat). The orderly said they were trying to expand. You can tell the staff is overwhelmed and obviously overworked. Regardless, my poor friend say on a gurney in a hallway for 9 hours until he was finally admitted. He then signed himself a waiver to get out on his own terms because he was going to go bananas. I've also had a bad experience with that hospital too. So unless, I need stitches... I am making sure I cross the east river to get anything done. 

Comment by Barbara C on February 7, 2012 at 3:09pm

Sandra - I am sorry this happened to you.  I was inpatient after a 24 hr wait in the ER.  The place is understaffed and over stuffed.  The board is trying to get the hospital expanded and made bigger as the community it serves is growing.

The nursing staff treated me very well.  I needed surgery but elected to have it in Manhattan at my go-to hospital NYU/Tisch.  I was there for a week while initial symptoms resolved and got the best care.  However, unless you have a local doctor with some pull at the hospital - expect a problem. 

Elmhurst is terrible - they are the go-to for Firemen & Police in Queens so we regular people get bumped to the back of the line for LOOOOONG wait.

Please find a way to formally complain about those who took care of you and include the pictures.  You may be helping someone else get proper care.

Comment by Inga Hyatt on February 7, 2012 at 2:25pm

I've had 2 horrible experiences there.  First time was when I almost died of a kidney infection.  They put me on a gurney near the entrance to the hospital with no pants on, so my butt was hanging out (in the winter) and eventually said, do you want to go home?  I had a fever of 104 and my infection was spreading to other organs and I was on a morphine drip.  They finally put me in a room with 3 older women with dementia and it was a hallway away from the bathroom.  I had to BEG for a pillow the first night and no one helped me to get to the toilet, where I had to go frequently since my kidneys weren't working.  I nearly died there because they couldn't get control of the infection.  6 days later I checked myself out and found a doctor who could actually treat me.

Another time I was forced to go there, I had stepped on a piece of barbed wire and it had gone completely through my foot.  I was bleeding profusely and stumbled into the emergency room to a packed room full of people who really didn't have any emergency other than they had no insurance.  I was literally bleeding all over the floor.  I asked how long I would have to wait and they told me 5 hours, in which time I would have bled to death.  So I went across the street to the pharmacy, got some supplies and bandaged myself up until I got to a real doctor the next day. 

That hospital is BEYOND dirty, the staff is unprofessional and mean and frankly I can't believe it hasn't been shut down.

Comment by Pete on February 7, 2012 at 12:48pm

Yikes! The best hospital experience I have had in New York (actually, the only good one) was at Lutheran Medical Center way down in Brooklyn. However, Presbyterian is probably pretty darn good.

Comment by pat merino on February 7, 2012 at 12:44pm

Sorry to hear about your experience, Sandra ;-( I have been lucky (actually my wife) when she woke up one day last year at 3:00AM with acute pains in her lower core and we walked the one block to this facility.  The night intake nurse on duty was just about to go off shift but he very quickly and VERY professionally diagnosed kidney stones and she was moved into the emergency waiting area and given pain killers to ease the pain and prepped for an ultra sound.  We were on our way home by 8:00 AM with a script for more pain meds and a copy of the report to give to a urologist... All in all a good experience BUT we were lucky - lucky to get a good intake nurse AND it was not busy at 3:00AM on a Saturday morning.  Sadly health care in America (especially in the inner city) is a crap shot for most of us - if you go to a hospital Emergency room hoping to get quality care each and every time - Good Luck ;-( 



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