G/R/V & E Lines Interrupted This Weekend

Just in time for 7 train madness, Astoria's southern G/R/V/E route gets some complications this weekend as well. Take note before making any Brooklyn plans.

One of my favorite subway Yahtzees is getting lucky enough to catch the G train to/from Brooklyn. Most everyone knows, catching the G is kind of like trapping a Kashmiri Markhor or similar. The key is to get to 23rd/Ely--where your aluminum trophy animal awaits.

Now getting home, that's even easier. Late night, the G runs through every stop in Astoria, so you're good...don't even need to make a transfer. This weekend, however, no G service after 10:30p. That means, if you're coming back home late night, you're going to get stuck at Courthouse Square--not a fun place to loiter...and an equally dismal place to try to catch an empty cab.

Oh, what's that? You say we can take the E late night? It runs local on the R track?! Not this weekend. We get a double-whammy. Between midnight tonight and Monday morning, E service will also be interrupted--meaning extended wait times and possible late night gaps in service.

The moral of this story? Stay in Astoria this weekend.

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