Giving brings more Joy than Receiving

It's the Holidays and yes there is an economic crisis.
This will probably be one of my serious blog because I truely believe that during this time the less fortunate do need our help and I feel that we all should give a helping hand in one way or another.

The picture above was taken by a dear friend of mine while we were traveling in Mali Africa.
For more pics of this amazing journey go to

Giving does bring more Joy than receiving and if you think that giving is having to reach into your pocket then think again.
There are many things you can do to contribute this season, here are a few.

WLA's very own Charitable event NOT to be missed!
Coat Drive, Holiday Market and Feast next week at Ovelia's
Date: Dec. 20, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm.
For every gently used coat you will receive a raffle ticket to win fabulous prizes!
This event will Benefit NY Cares - see below.

NY Cares - - donate your gently used coats, you can donate at the nearest precint.
Last year we organized a charitable event and the the turnout was great, so if you have anything warm in your closet that you are not using take a moment and give it to someone who does need it and will be greatful for it.

Kageno - - this organization was founded by a friend, everyone in the program is a volunteer, no one gets paid to do any of the work involved into keeping this organization afloat. The work is amazing and the organizers and volunteers do a great job. No donation is too small.

City Harvest - - cannot afford to give anything financially? Well how about donating your time to something valuable. You can also donate food to this organization as well.

NYC Arts - - this organization is dedicated to the arts, it's an interesting site and is not geared towards poverty but to helping others acheive their goals.

Food Bank - - joining or donating is a great way to give back, take the time to join.

We cannot forget "Cocktails for a Cure" which Ran takes the time to organize every year. If you were not able to participate this year there is always next year. Breast Cancer Awareness is something that in one way or another affects us all.

Enjoy the Holidays!!!

Please feel free to include other organizations that need help during this time.
Feedback is welcome.

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