We all have something in mind about the way that we want to look and feel.  The easiest and most effective strategy is to eat.  Eating absolutely effects the way we act look and feel.  With foods filled with fat and sugar we feel the ups and downs of the day.  The high and low energy levels affect how we feel and we begin to act different, noticeably different. Hyper talkative and out going during the times we are up, to cranky, annoyed and even rude during the times we are down.  Now eating foods filled with higher nutrient values that are more balanced will actually keep the energy levels higher, keep the hormones in check and will begin to help you look and feel better. 


How would you like to know more about what you can do to start feeling better and even start looking better?

If the answer is yes then here is a list of 3 things that you can eat to get that body right.


1.  Drink plenty of water.

Most of us do not drink enough fluid through out the day.  There are so many times we see commercials talking about lifting your energy through out the day with energy drinks.  Usually one of two three things happen when you are feeling that low during the day and one of them is because we are dehydrated. What most people tend to do instead of drinking water is that they drink beverages that contain calories.  A recent study found that, on average, Americans drink 450 calories a day, twice as many as we did 30 years ago.  Just adding an extra 225 calories a day will put 23 lb of fat a year on your body, which is certain to make you feel more sluggish and slow you down.


2. Eat Low glycemic nutrient dense foods.

Carbs are not necessarily bad for you.  They are essential to life, they are the source of energy.  There are carbs that are out there that are robbed of any nutritional value, such as simple sugars and refined carbohydrates.  They spike your blood sugar, then send it spiraling down leaving you feeling tired and spaced out.  Then there are carbs that do not spike your blood sugar that are high in fiber, such as whole grains vegetables, and fruits. Sugars the bad carb if not being used immediately increases inflammation, increases erratic brain-cell firing and has been recently been implicated in aggression.


3. Eat the colors of the rainbow.

This means eat natural foods in your diet that are full of color.  There are with colors of the rainbow we can go with fruits and vegetables that red, purple, orange and yellow.  Red fruits and veg would tomatoes or strawberries.  You have the purples such as  grapes and olives.  Orange would be cantaloups and squash, and finally you have yellows that can pineapples and peppers.


These are simple changes that you can make to your daily diet that can start to lead to a healthier and happier life.  There is so much more information that is out there in what you can do to increase the way you look, act and feel. Exercise is huge at helping you to get started eating and feeling right.  Finding the right activity for you is really going help you stay focused on eating right.  

At Seek Fitness, you have some great trainers and instructors that can help you find the right activity and even help you get started with some great eating habits.  


Check us out at http://seek-fitness.com to find out how you can get a two weeks of training.


To your health and Fitness Goals

Team Seek Fitness


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