Queens-based production company, Crescent Street Films are now casting for their upcoming feature length film, Astoria Park.

Casting Call - Astoria Park Staged Reading

Crescent Street Films is casting for a staged reading of its feature length script, Astoria Park. The reading will be held at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in late-March. All ethnicities are encouraged to submit. If interested, please send your
headshot, resume, reel, and which character(s) you would like to
audition for to casting@csfilms.org. We will contact you with audition information and sides.

Audition Dates

Saturday March 3, 10AM-12
Sunday March 4, 10AM-12


A close group of friends are confronted by anger and racism on the basketball court they call home: Astoria Park.

For Aman, Taso, and their friends, it would be just another day on the basketball court. However, the summer heat brings familiar enemies. With basketball and freestyle rap as their platform, each gang
struggles to protect their identity and territory in the uncomfortable
racial dynamic that is post 9/11 New York City. Tensions rise, and the
anger escalates into a high-octane battle of wits and will.


AMAN: Gujurati-American, early-20's, leader on the court, misunderstood, lost his father, runs convenience store with his mother, in love with Sapna, hot temper

SEAN: Caucasian or Hispanic-American, early-20's, Aman's archrival, lost his father and brother, alcoholic mother, acts as father figure for five-year-old sister

TASO: Greek-American, early-20's, respectable, drives an ice-cream truck, secretly in love with best friend's sister Aisha, great basketball player

IMRAN: South Asian-American, early-20's, struggles with being teased for his passivity, protective of sister Aisha, great basketball player

SAPNA: Gujurati-American, early-20's, strong, supportive and loving girlfriend of Aman, yoga instructor

AISHA: South Asian-American, late teens, Imran's younger sister, struggles with her conventional home life, secret relationship with Taso

SHA: South Asian-American, early-20's, boyish charm, always looking for the next hook up, weak basketball player

SOHEEZI: African-American, early-20's, trash talker, funny, thinks highly of himself, sore loser, great basketball player

PINKY: Any Ethnicity, early-20's, hip chick, loud mouth, photographer

HASH: Immigrant of Any Ethnicity, early-20's, has strong presence and character, but doesn't say much, observer

DEMETRIUS: African-American, early-20's follows Sean's lead, great basketball player

TOMMY: Caucasian or Hispanic-American, early-20's, Sean's right-hand man, a follower, doesn't think for himself, decent basketball player

MARK: Any Ethnicity, early-20's, Middle-Eastern percussionist, loves providing beats for his friends, always in the background

MUMMI: Gujurati, mid-40's, Aman's mother, widow, runs convenience store with Aman, religious by nature

PAPA: Gujurati, early-50's, Aman's father, optimistic, runs convenience store, passion for singing

SEAN'S MOTHER: Caucasian or Hispanic-American mid-40's, widow who lost her son, turns to alcohol for comfort

VOULA: Greek, mid-50's, Taso's mother, passionate, loud, always cooking, always in everyone's business

PARASKEVAS: Greek, early-60's, Taso's father, reserved, work comes first attitude, retired from the ice-cream truck business

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