Hi, all.  I happened to take Friday off from work and was home when a guy slid open my (admittedly unlocked) window and slipt into a back bedroom.  Now, this room has no valuables in it and since it's the only window that looks out onto the fire escape I had installed a chain lock on the OUTSIDE of the door leading into the living room.  I was walking from the kitchen when I heard the sounds of the chain being messed with.  Looking at the room I see a big arm of some dude sticking out of the door trying desperately to unhook the chain.  Not believing my eyes I go into warrior mode, run up to the door and slam the freaking door in his face.  He must have just barely got his arm out in time.  I hear him jump back out the window and he takes off.  The cops came very quickly and patrolled looking for a very vague description of this guy whom I only saw for a split second.  I really had no details to give, unfortunately.

So:  for one thing, make sure your windows are locked.  We have two locks and a piece of wood on this particular window, but I hadn't secured the lock that ensures that the top half of the window won't slide down.  That's how he got it.  He gained entrance to the fire escape by first gaining entrance to our building (either through a side door or possibly the front door) and opening a shared window at the end of a hallway to hop out on the fire escape.

I'm on Crescent in the 28th Ave area.


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Comment by Brian R. Martin on December 21, 2011 at 3:11pm

I really hope that these are the dirtbags that got into my apartment and that there aren't two competing burglars along 30th Ave.  http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/12/21/duo-wanted-in-string-o...



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