Astoria Characters: The Preacher at the Old Red Church

Photo by Nancy A. Ruhling

Dwayne is the minister at the First Reformed Church of Astoria.

The Rev. Dwayne L. Jackson is standing tall in the pulpit staring at the empty pews. The First Reformed Church of Astoria, the red Gothic Revival building wedged between the houses of 12th Street like an afterthought, holds 300 faithful. On a good Sunday  –  there are no bad Sundays or any other days of the week in Dwayne’s mind – attendance has never topped 50.

Today’s Saturday, the day Dwayne puts the finishing touches on his sermon, so the fact that he’s alone with God doesn’t bother him. He happens to look heavenward, and that’s when it hits him like a lightning bolt: If one of the ancient electric fans on the sky-high ceiling needs fixing, he doesn’t know how he’s going to get up there to do it.

Read all about Dwayne in Nancy Ruhling's Huffington Post blog, "Astoria Characters: The Prea...

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