Congrats to everyone that was nominated--is quite an honor considering all that our neighborhood has to offer. And the winners are...

Best pizza in Astoria?
Rizzo's 36.28%
Sacs 30.07%
Politos 18.38%
Mama Carmela's 15.27%

Best cheap date?
Il Bambino 30.19%
Sanford's 27.92%
Seva 23.05%
Sunswick 35/35 18.83%

Best original cocktails?
DiWine 34.58%
Sweet Afton 29.22%
Rapture Lounge 23.06%
Hell Gate Social 13.14%

Best romantic spot?
Brick Cafe 40.92%
Vesta 25.08%
Winegasm 20.79%
Bistro Les Minots 13.20%

Best late night food?
El Rey del Taco truck 37.05%
Neptune Diner 28.52%
Sanford's 23.93%
King of Falafel 10.49%

Best Only in Astoria?
Beer gardens 51.26%
Greek food 22.33%
Sal, Chris, & Charlie's deli 16.98%
Steinway hookah bars 9.43%

Best WLA event?
Winter-ish Beerlympics 31.40%
Halloween party 24.03%
Karaoke bowling 22.87%
1,000 member party 21.71%

Best cheap drinks?
Irish Rover 34.97%
The Quays 31.47%
Doyle's Corner 19.93%
Shillelagh 13.64%

Best burger?
BareBurger 36.46%
Petey's Burger 30.21%
Sweet Afton 23.26%
Bistro Les Minots 10.07%

Best mani-pedi?
Athena's 36.13%
Bamboo 24.37%
Hanna & Her Sisters 23.11%
J'aime 16.39%

Best weekly event?
Dillingers' wing night 33.21%
Blackbird's Trivia night 30.53%
Hell Gate Social's Rock Band night 27.48%
Salsa en Astoria: Weppa Wednesdays 8.78%

Best Irish pub?
Irish Rover 36.55%
The Quays 24.14%
McCann's 19.66%
Cronin & Phelan's 19.66%

Best bar food?
Sweet Afton 40.51%
Dillingers Pub & Grill 28.83%
Sunswick 35/35 16.42%
Gleason's 14.23%

Best haircut?
GiGi Salon 59.68%
Saloon 17.46%
Modern Barber Shop 13.65%
Giorgio's 9.21%

Best beer selection?
Bohemian Hall 30.90%
Studio Square 27.91%
Sunswick 35/35 23.59%
Euro Market 17.61%

Best supermarket?
Key Foods 44.82%
Trade Fair 28.43%
Bravo 20.07%
Associated 6.69%

Best place to watch the game?
Gleason's 28.79%
Blackbird's 27.27%
Dillingers Pub & Grill 25.76%
Studio Square 18.18%

Best vegetarian/vegan spot?
Seva 36.92%
Mundo 35.38%
Himalaya Teahouse 24.23%
Duzan 3.46%

Best looking staff?
Sweet Afton 33.59%
The Sparrow 27.73%
Studio Square 23.83%
Island 14.84%

Best place to hook up?
Rapture Lounge 31.27%
Hell Gate Social 25.10%
Studio Square 23.94%
Cavo 19.69%

Best new addition?
Sweet Afton 39.12%
Studio Square 28.57%
BareBurger 25.51%
Yolo 6.80%

Best performer?
Janene Otten 29.29%
TJ Moss Band 26.36%
Bobby Kane 22.18%
Illimanjaro 22.18%

Best place to take the family?
Museum of the Moving Image 58.09%
Zenon Taverna 19.85%
Stamatis 12.50%
Cavo 9.56%

Best Under the Radar?
Falafel at Pita Hot 31.85%
Kayaking in Hallet's Cove 31.45%
Buffet at Copacabana 19.76%
Massage at Thai NY Spa & Salon 16.94%

Best brunch?
Sanford's 31.32%
Cafe Bar 28.68%
Vesta 23.77%
Blackbird's 16.23%

Best spot for live music?
Bohemian Hall 40.47%
Waltz-Astoria 22.96%
The Quays 22.18%
Winegasm 14.40%

Best beer garden?
Bohemian Hall 65.78%
Studio Square 34.22%

Best gym?
Planet Fitness 36.10%
NYSC 31.95%
The Rock 17.84%
Evolution 14.11%

Best gay bar?
Mix 36.82%
Albatross 35.32%
Lavish Lounge 27.86%

Best Greek food?
Taverna Kyclades 30.80%
Zenon Taverna 26.62%
Ovelia 26.24%
Stamatis 16.35%

Best wine shop?
Astoria Wine & Spirits 49.45%
Off the Vine 32.23%
Cypriana Wine & Liquor 10.62%
Best on Broadway Wine & Liquor 7.69%

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Comment by Jonathan Jorge on February 22, 2010 at 9:04pm
Thanks Jillian, I'll try and make it to Tasty's one of these days, though I was talking to a friend of mine who goes there alot and she told me to avoid getting the sandwiches and burgers there. Which means I'll have to try them just to be sure ;-)

I've walked by Tastys though, def not as nice looking as Sanfords. When I used to walk by Sanfords I seriously thought it was an upscale Manhattan type restaurant with Manhattan type prices. Little did I know it would be the best Diner in all of NYC ;)

Comment by Jillian Egan on February 16, 2010 at 2:53am
Yeah there are a zillion diners in many are terrible! Its kind of what you expect when you choose "diner".
I didnt know Sanford's was open 27/7 till i saw the take out bag. It made me so happy.

Tasty's is not as amazing, obviously, but you will enjoy it! I go there with the boyfriend a lot when we are undecided and dont want to spend a lot of money.
Comment by Jonathan Jorge on February 16, 2010 at 2:50am
@ Jillian: I know!!! It's so Good!!

Before Sanford's I was complacent in my post club drunkeness of having to shovel drivel down my mouth that was trying to pass as food at these whack ass diners (and believe you me, NYC has many many many whack diners), or knowing that in order to get a decent meal I'd have to spend over $15.00 (Manhattan has many high quality diners but you're paying an arm and leg for even a burger). Well, Sanford's has def set the bar for Diner food. I remember eating there at 3am last weekend and was amazed at how fresh everything was (at 3am in the morning!).

Sanford's is literally the only place that people confuse to be a Resturant that has regular business hours.

I'll def check out Tasty's and compare.

Thanks for the rec Jillian.
Comment by Jillian Egan on February 16, 2010 at 12:38am
Sanford's is THE BEST!!!!!!! SOOO GOOD! Awesome beer selection! And open 24/7!
I also love Tasty's Diner on Ditmars. Check them out for delicious omelettes, salads and sandwiches/wraps/ well as plenty of delicious junk food/drunk food appetizers etc. Its a little cheaper than Sanford's, because its more typical diner fare. Also open 24/7!
Comment by Jonathan Jorge on February 16, 2010 at 12:34am
Great list and most of it is on point, but Neptune diner being the best "late night" spot????? LOL, That is simply False.

I almost feel ashamed to have to explain that one to those who don't know the deally yo in Astoria. Bel Air Diner was once voted top Diner in New York City (Who knows it still may be). I'm a fan of Bel Air but when it comes to Bang for your buck with decor and amazing amazing high quality cuisine, that's presented beautifully as well, at a really affordable price, my hat goes off to SANFORD'S.

Shame indeed.

To anyone out there who can Locate me a Diner in NYC that is better than Sanford's, please, I'd love to hear about it. I asked the same question on Yelp (this one girl was doggin on the Sanford's brunch, which I've yet to have, but will get to eventually) and someone tried to say the City Crab and Sea food restaurant was good. LOL. Nice try. Next thing you'll see is people trying to compare NYC weather to the Bahamas. Btw, my definition of a diner is that it has to be open 24/7.
Comment by Ran Craycraft on February 9, 2010 at 5:19pm
I prefer the Key Foods on 30th ave. and ~44th
Comment by Jillian Egan on February 9, 2010 at 5:05pm
Which Key Foods is the best?
Comment by Molly Totten on January 22, 2010 at 1:07pm
this is great!!!!!! Right on!!!!!
Comment by joe on January 22, 2010 at 12:08pm
Hey Shillelagh has $2.00 miller high life, free food, $2.00 coorls light draft and of course they always have $15 domestic buckets and $20 import buckets during the game Sunday. The coors light girls will be there from 4-5 during JETS game giving out t-shirts and free drink. Stop on by should be a blast!
Comment by Janene Otten on January 5, 2010 at 6:53pm
I'm really honored neighbors! Thanks for voting for me. It really is an honor to be up there with the best performers in town. See you around all the BEST spots.
xo Janene



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