Calendar Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in posting an event to our community calendar. There are a few guidelines we ask that you follow in order for it to remain useful, accurate, consistent and organized.


NOTE: Events that do not meet these guidelines will denied approval and deleted. If you violate any of these guidelines after approval, your event will be removed without notice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


1. Events may NOT elect to be "All Day" events or span no more than 12 hours. EVENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY OVER INTO THE FOLLOWING DAY. ALL EVENTS MUST DISPLAY AN END TIME NO LATER THAN 11:45 PM AND MUST END ON THE SAME DAY THE EVENT BEGAN. Please indicate in your event description the actual end time of the event if it goes past 11:45PM. (If you are interested in purchasing a specialized or recurring event or advertisement, contact Ran.)


2. You must upload an event image appropriate to the event.


3. Do not name the event after your establishment or put your establishment's name in the title. The establishment's name will automatically appear if you list your establishment in the "location" field when creating an event. If your event is a happy hour special, call it "$3 Blatz Cans" and not "COME TO DUFF'S BAR."


4. Do not use all capital letters unless writing the word "FREE."


5. Do not include a URL in your event title or location. There is a field for "website/map" that you can use or feel free to include it in your description.


6. Please do not repeat characters like ** !! $$ __ etc.


7. Events MUST take place in Queens.


8. Do not create multiple listings for same event happening on one date.

Thank you for your cooperation,





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