Hello brew friends,

I've lived on Ditmars for 1.5 years and would love to reach out to my community.  Had to ditch my all-grain equipment but doesn't mean I can't share my extract brew with you all!

I live near Fatty's on Ditmars. Drinking a Cardamon Aniseed ale and have a mint coffee milk stout in the secondary.  Keg all beers, no more bottles and love to entertain.


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Hi Brett!

I just brewed a split batch (all grain) of Belgian pale ale and belgian blonde that I'm going to split again into cherry and and cherry and cocoa nibs.

it was a 7 hour brew day, and I'm brewed out...

just thought I'd share.

The brewing community in astoria is great, tons of great brewers that make it happen in kitchens. So, welcome!

Hey Brett!

Hope to see you at tonight's meeting! I'll be bringing an Imperial Stout my husband has been perfecting over the last few months. I think we've finally got the recipe down that we want and would love your opinion. 

Thanks for writing!


Hey Brett, I'm interested in going all grain. You wanna grab a beer and let me pick your brain? 

Andrew, there are quite a few of us here that do all grain, I'm available to meet up as well, and I'm sure Matt could help you out as well.

I will be at McCann's on Ditmars tonight to watch the KU basketball game. 347-640-2760

Sorry I didn't see this until friday. We are supposed to get some snow tonight... Who needs an ice bath or an immersion cooler if you got snow! Lets plan for sometime this weekend? Ditmars Station?

Let me know if anyone is heading to ditmars station tonight. I'd be fun to meet up




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