I would love to host a potluck, it has just been too long.  If people are interested let me know, the theme will be "Your Favorite Dish".   I'm aiming for Sat. 3/19 :)

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whooo!  what time and where do you live?
hmmmm this sounds good. I don't have any plans on Saturday
the potluck is still happening, email if your still coming so I can give you addy.

ok so i tried to create an event to invite folks to but after 3 failed attempts, here's the info:

i have a guest from Germany flying in that weekend & he loves hosting dinners, so I thought why not throw a potluck & give him some local 'flavor'.  The theme as you know is favorite foods, this could range from home-made lasagna to Lambec (my fave beer).  it does not have to be something you cooked because, let's be real, just because you like attending potlucks, without something to wash it down & chips to nibble on before everything is plated, you might end up w/ a hangry group of people :)  that being said let me know what you are bringing, I live in Boulevard Gardens & it would start @ 7.

Sounds fun! I love to cook.

I make some mean stuffed peppers :)

if your still interested in coming email me so I can give you addy.
stuffed peppers sounds great, think this should be sooo much fun, i'll prob make something sweet :)

P.S. I just thought of the best way to describe the theme & make it fun:

What would you want to eat if you knew it would be your last meal on Earth? Well whatever it is, bring it and share it with the rest of us, since this event's potluck theme is "Your Last Meal"!

Does this mean you're limited to making something from scratch? Not at all, remember for your last meal you also want to make sure to incorporate your favorite drink/snack. Let's say, like myself, I could always make a dinner out of salsa & chips, that's also a viable option to bring. The point is to think about the food that we never tire of & want to share with others :)

Let me know if you can come and what you plan on bringing as we make this another lasting memory. As always friends are welcome!
what time?

ok, sorry, just saw the time thing.  Ok, Boulevard Gardens...apt. number and whatnot...?

Ideally my bf and I will both be coming.

No word yet on what we may bring-we are going grocery shopping tomorrow anyway so i'll figure it out then i guess...


Do you guys have pictures of how it turned out? I'm really curious.

Hey Kids,

we did take pictures but think they still on the camera.  it was a lovely gathering of folks from all walks of life, will organize a potluck picnic probably over the summer so hope folks can join me then





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