Woman Found With Throat Slashed In Astoria Apartment

(Click the link below to watch the video at wpix.com)

Walked past the crime scene unit and the news van this morning. Terrible.

Woman Found With Throat Slashed In Astoria Apartment

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This is my building. I saw a bunch of cops in the lobby last night around 10:30 when I was taking my dog out for a walk. Didn't think anything of it until now.

According to subsequent news stories, her name was Tara Hawes and police want to talk to her husband.

Her name was Tara Hawes... she was my friend and coworker... no news yet... some say that her in-laws found her, but this article say that the call to 911 was by unknown...

Hi Athan, Tara was my neighbor she lived right in front of me and my family. Everyone's shocked that such a horrible thing happened to her. I was wondering if you didn't mind..if you had a picture of her that I could print out because my mom wants to have a picture to remember her by.

I can only send you this link
(not sure if you can access it - if not send me a personal message and i will email it to you)

An update on this case: Police would like to speak with the victim's husband, Jordan Hawes (pictured below). He is not been named as a suspect yet. He is 5'9", 150lbs.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!




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