I'm thinking of starting a petition to get the Trade Fair on 30th Ave & 31st to actually put the tissue on a shelf where EVERYONE can reach it!  It pisses me off to have to ask a tall person or anyone to hand me something that everyone uses!

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i second that :o)
That's the least of my problems with Trade Fair
Boy why didn't I think of that the last 60+ times I asked the management.
i think they have alot more variety as far as hard to find items (spices from all over the world etc) but those skinny lanes during rush hour are suicide lol KEY FOOD rocks!!!... Trade fair is strictly for late nights thank god for it being open 24/7
you right about that is great for late nights, but never during the day is crazy.
Key food is overpriced to the point of making me feel exploited.  Once you learn your way around the labyrinth that is trade fair it's totally bearable.
I would 'like' this comment if I could.
This is why I walk to Key Food instead of Trade Fair, reaching the tissues is the least of my problems (because I'm tall), that place is disorganized, dirty and crowded.
where is key food?
lol yes my bad that the Hotel lol. when you cash out you tell them this is for delivery , sometime they charge a few bucks sometime is free and you tip the delivery person.

The Tradefair on Broadway put the toilet paper high on the shelves and the soda out in the sun during the summer and winter.  In the winter, it's great... it's already cold, but I doubt that is good in the summer.


And yeah to what everyone says, I have much bigger issues with Trade Fair.  They are constantly blocking my driveway to do their deliveries and when my parents asked them to move, the guy pretends not to understand English, so I had to call the manager who made the guy move.


It lasted a few weeks, then they were back again.

PS> FYI just about every store delivers in Astoria, I even have your laundry pick up and deliver Too.




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