Ok, after much discussion we have come up with the idea of starting our own "league", in which a group of us can meet at a set time, travel over to Randall's Island, play some softball, and then share some drinks and good times at the Bohemian Beer Garden.

You can see our discussion here: http://www.whyleaveastoria.com/forum/topics/softball-league?comment...

We are now putting together an email list to see how much interest we can gather. Nothing is set in stone yet, as we would need at least 20 people each time to get a game going. So this is in the very preliminary stages of planning.

It would be a very fun way to get together and get to know fellow Astorians, and to just basically have fun. Also to get out in the sun this summer. =D

I hope something comes of this!

Here's my information: jackiebenavides@gmail.com

Please reply with your email address if you are interested.

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jelizondo [at] gmail [dot] com


Jessicastein85 [at] gmail [dot] com

JP Triculis - jt4266 at yahoodotcom

Michelle Hayden - michelledhayden at gmaildotcom

Guys, please don't share your email addresses on here. Spammers eat this up. Please remove them and use [at] and [dot] to avoid a future spam bombardment! Also feel free to use the WLA messaging

I didn't think of that. Good point. Sorry about that. 

kevinfeeheryATgmailDOTcom (Kevin)

CsciaccoATyahooDOTcom (Chris)

FlorioDOTDanielATgmailDOTcom (Dan)

I'll work on getting some more for you.

dglausATgmailDOTcom (Dana)

edders0516ATgmailDOTcom (Eddie)

funnyJones [at] gmailDOTcom

kmaroudas [at] fordum [dot} edu

alex11 [at] gmail [dot] com

kirk [dot] eckenrode [at] gmail [dot] com

kid4n [at] virginia [dot] edu

Andrewjzapata [at] gmail [dot] com

When would the league be starting? and how about how often would games be? 
it's ok if we don't know yet... just wasn't sure if anything had been decided.


I miss softball. I am a high school softball official, so I have a mask, shin guards etc. but I don't want to ump.

You do need a permit for Randalls Island, but there are many fields.

garyeife at yahoo dot com

alexg11375 AT yahoo  DOT  com




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