Any recommendations?  I will live closer to The Rock..about a 15 minute walk.. but in the winter, at night, I don't think I will want to do that.  For me, the most important thing about a gym is how easy it is to get to.  I went to visit Matrix today, and while its further away, there is a lot.  I visit The Rock today too and didn't really like it.  I asked the guy who works there how parking was, and he said "oh we have 2 lots, one at key food and" one somewhere else I don't remember.  I then asked if it was legal to park there, and he said no.  Didn't get good vibes from that place.

Am I missing any other gyms, or do these 2 dominate the Ditmars area?

Thanks, and I look forward to being a more active member on this site when I make the move next week!

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These two gyms definitely dominate the Ditmars area. If you are looking for parking, then Matrix is a good solution. Honestly, I find Matrix to be the superior gym regardless of parking. I believe you can get a 14 day trial at Matrix which would help you determine if you will actually make the trek on a regular basis.
CrossFit Queens is also over there, but it sounds like you already made a decision




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