Lousy golfer seeking other lousy golfers to try to golf less lousy with

I got a decent set of clubs and a zip car account, but I don't have many friends who golf, and I'm certainly not good enough to just join a random group at the course.  So I thought maybe WLA could help me hind a group of lousy golfers who would like to improve their game in the company of other lousy golfers to minimize the shame of consistent double par holes.  


Here's what I'm thinking:


3 or 4 golfers of less than mediocre skills agree on a course and tee time


share a zipcar (or if one of us has a vehicle, even better!), and split the rate to go out to a decent public course


pick up our balls and move on if it's taking forever as to not piss off the decent golfers behind us


friendly games with improvement in mind


Let me know if you're interested, and maybe I'll start a group.  With enough people in it, we could have a nice pool of lousy golfers to get us out often enough to actually become poor golfers by the end of this fall!  



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Great idea! Don't forget the pitch n putt in Corona: http://www.whyleaveastoria.com/page/pitch-putt We love being lousy there!

I am totally in!  I usually have a car up here for the summer months, and the trunk just fits 4 bags of clubs!   I used to be a pretty decent golfer, but I haven't picked up a club in 2 years so I'm sure my skill level is right around beginner again.

I really hope this group takes off!

I am a horrible golfer!  But I love playing, cause i can only get better, right?  Count me in.  I have a car as well.
We have this Golf Group on the site: http://www.whyleaveastoria.com/group/astoriagolfclub
Would love for you guys to join it and pump some life back into it!
Awesome. glad there's some interest. I think we should get out there at the first sign of spring. I joined the golf Group WLA suggested, so we can keep the discussion live in there. I'll be at the WLA party tonight most likely over by the Brewstoria banner. C'mon up and introduce yourselves!
I'll play.  Last year my girlfriend and I tried to headout to douglaston or forrest park every week to play.  neither one of us are very good but its fun.  we are planning on taking lessons out by randalls island to start the season...  we both have cars.
Probably a term I made up!  eg. par is 5 and I've taken over 10 strokes.  Time to pick up the ball and move on.
There's a golf course in Forest Park, Woodhaven and it's decent sized. They have a parking lot too. I'd like to learn this summer, as I'd eventually like to wheel some business deals while putting around. I'll split car fare! Like a true New Yorker, I don't know how to drive!
I like the forest park course, and I'd even be willing to take a long drive to any other nice public courses there ar in the area.  sound like most people have cars, so I think we're set.  can't wait for good weather!
Awesome! Fingers crossed springtime is around the corner :)
hahaha go to douglaston.  its 10x easier of a course. 
I'm in but I suck at it.




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