I was wondering - would anyone be interested in forming a WLA sports league this Spring/Summer/Fall? Kinda like Zog Sports, but between WLA members?


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Definitely Softball! My mitts are just waited to be pulled out of the closet...
Your buddy Adam would enjoy balling it up on the mean courts of Astoria Park.
very much so, and can recruit a few others! soccer, softball and basketball (pretty much in that order) would be most popular with my crew.
YES. dodgeball and/or kickball. I'll be first in line to sign up!
Yes softball and kickball.
Yes,  I would be into kickball or soccer.
Kickball would be fun!
My brother and I would be into some pickup soccer.
baseball, kickball or tennis sounds swell
Kickball!  The sport that involves the least amount of actual athletic talent the better.  And to contradict myself, tennis.
yes, i'll play anything. sports are sweet.




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