Hey everyone, Im new to Astoria and I was curious if there was anywhere local with a public indoor basketball court. Thanks for the responses.

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The YMCA in LIC has an indoor court
Thank you
No prob. There might also be a court at Astoria Sports Complex--I don't remember.
The YMCA in LIC has a very well kept indoor court but its only designated for free play at specific times. You can get a free week's trial, but must purchase a membership to attend thereafter.
anywhere else that doesnt require  a membership?
None. LIC YMCAis the only one and I belonged there a few years back and even wt membership you could almost never get free time on the indoor courts.  Astoria sports complex used to have hoops on the roof, I dont think that they do anymore
The schools I've talked to are reluctant to let anyone in after hours for (understandable) liability reasons. We've had those conversations when trying to organize a dodgeball league. Would be great if someone on WLA had access to a local school and let a few of us shoot around from time to time!
Exactly. There's more to it than just asking for playing time. Its one of those things where you have to know a friend of a friend who is cousins with the janitor lol.
Are there even any leagues for basketball in Astoria?  I used to play at the 92nd street Y when I lived in that area but do not feel like taking 2 trains to play in a league.  Is it possible to rent out a school gym anywhere here.  If we could get like 10 to 15 guys to chip in maybe it could happen. 
Kevin that would be a good idea, I think you can rent out the Y in LIC. Ill have to look into that. Maybe a 2 hour block once a week or so? Well have to see if we could get 10 or so guys together.

Hi Kevin - you can definitely rent out public school gyms - an organization my sons are involved in rent out a gym every saturday from 12:30 to 3:30.  The NYS DOE will charge you fees for rental, security, bathrooms, etc.  Your first step is to contact some local schools.  Good luck!

Hey Lily thanks for the info.  I appreciate it.  Hey Steven Id be available any night between Monday and Friday.  If we could rent out 1 night on a weekly basis for 2 hours that would be great.  Of course we would have to find some people willing to play and pay.  I have no problem paying.  I would just like to get together a good group of people to have fun and get back into shape.




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