Astoria's Finest Bagels @ Ditmars Closed -- Why?!?

Dear friends and bagel lovers,

A tragedy has struck the Ditmars neighborhood. Our most favorite family bagel shop -- Astoria's Finest -- has shut its doors without warning. When we walked by, it was dark, with a sign on the door that is was taken under possesion by the NY State Marshall, on behalf of the landlord. This bagel shop was always packed on the weekends, and now it is suddenly closed.

Does anyone know what happened to this wonderful place, and if they could reopen? If you do know what happened, please reply! The family who ran the shop is fantastic and the bagels were the best.


The Carlin Sisters

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It is sad. I go there 3 times a week for bagel and coffee. They must owe the landlord a lot of rent. Sad.

The big grocery store and the restaurant on Ditmars&35th closed too. 

so that explains why my order was canceled/never arrived the other day...

I actually never saw this place packed. Many people however would go in, just buy a cup of coffee and take advantage of the free Wifi. To me it always seemed like there were more employees than customers. I'm gonna miss this place a lot. I would often pull the lazy card and order from them off seamless. (delivery would take forever) There was just no way they could compete with Brooklyn Bagel practically across the street. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this. Still a shame though.




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