Hello Fellow WLA members,


If you or anyone you know is looking to move in Astoria please contact me.

I am a real estate salesperson who is from Astoria and has (Stu,1,2,3 bedrooms) available. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. (1 month fee) This page will be updated every monday with the most recent availablilites in Astoria. (check last page for recent updates)


Happy Hunting Everyone!     


Devin Monti

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

BOND New York Properties




*Also have availabilites in all areas of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn*


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My roommates and I are looking for a three bedroom apartment. We would ideally like somewhere between 30th Ave and Steinway but willing to look at other listings. If you could let me know what listings you had, we would be interested in setting up a viewing this weekend. Thanks!



Hi Devin,

I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Astoria that allows small dogs.  I'm having a very hard time findind a place that accepts pets.  I have a fairly flexible budget, good income, and good credit. 

Thank so much!


Hey Rebecca,

I'm not sure where you are looking, we are in the Astoria Central apts - we have a ton of issues, which is why we're moving, but I believe we might just be in a bad building, they have a gazillion up and down 21st St. Anyway, we're in a two bedroom and i know they allow dogs. I'll be honest the landlords/mgmt company is the worst dealing with any kind of problem and the walls are paper thin but if that's all cool with you the apts are decent and it's cheapish. 

Just an FYI.

LOL !!! 

Sorry I am sure Rebecca has hopefully found a place .. but what a hoot of a response !!!! 

Crappy Managment ...Landlord sucks ... Paperthin walls ...The WORST with any kind of problem .. BUT they allow dogs ! Yay !!!! 

Gotta love it . 


My fiance and I are looking for March/April. We're looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom, preferably in a house, we're in an apartment building right now and it's terrible. We're in the Ditmars/31st Ave area. I'd love to stay around here - by the park.  Thanks I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Rebecca and Aprilee,

Rebecca - i will run that search for you first thing in the morning and get back to you with my findings. when is your expected move-in date?


Aprilee - Ive been working in Astoria for awhile now, so i am familiar with most of management companies and landlords. Whenever your ready to start looking let me know and i will be sure to point you in the right direction. 

Hey Devin - I recently relocated to NY for work and looove the Astoria area. It reminds me of my old neighborhood in DC. I am currently stuck in Harlem :( with friends until I can find a place.


I am hoping to find a well-maintained 1BR near the 30th Ave or Broadway stop... with an elevator for my bum knee lol. Hope you can help!

Hi Natasha,

I definitely can help you out with that. I'm running your search as we speak. When is your expected move in date?

I am looking for a 1 bedroom. Our cap will be at $1300 max for it. Have any listings? We are looking for 12/1 move in
$1300 for a one bedroom??  Wow, good luck with that.

Hey there Eric, glad to hear Lou hasn't raised your rent at all.

Can you let me know what management company? I'm looking for a 1 bed but my budget is 1300 max. thanks!




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