Greetings to all! I hope some would like to meet for a brunch @ Winegasm this Sunday. Unfortunately, I have no company, unless I convince any of my friends-Manhattanites to come to Astoria, which happens occasionally. But this time I decided to make an active effort and would like to meet some Astorians to enjoy things locally. Is anyone free/in the mood for a leisurely brunch with Bellini? Doesn't have to be @ Winegasm: if you are up for brunch - please offer alternative place. Salut!

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Blackbird sounds great! I don't know of any Portugese place in Astoria, but would love to find out. I checked out Fatty's on www and have been in the mood to try their mofongo for a week now :) So, this is my preferred choice for this Sunday, but I'll go with the flow of the rest of the brunch company. Let's get organized?
Sounds good, Fatty's is really close to my friend so lets settle on that. :) I've just read the description of the mofongo and my tummy is growling...
Ok, so let's do Fatty's this time and eventually we will try all the places in Astoria that we like/want to try :) Could we agree on Fatty's for this Sunday, Wendy?
Hey everybody! I love the idea of meeting new people over brunch!! Can I join you this Sunday? Anything with yuca and plantains will def get my attention :)
Ana, sure, please come! :) Shall we do it @ 1PM again? Other preferences?
Works for me.
Fatty's at 1pm sounds good to me!
Ana, how about Fatty's @ 1PM?
Great! So, it's an open invitation for a Sunday brunch @ Fatty's @ 1PM. Feel free to join!
Fatty's is awesome. I love going there.
I'm going to try to make it to this Sunday's Brunch at Fatty's. They have an amazing brunch.




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