Having only lived in Astoria for 1 year now (and with limited knowledge of the surrounding boroughs), I'm running low on creative, romantic, and memorable date ideas -- in Astoria and nearby areas.

Could you offer suggestions of what might be good dates?

Please include the following information:

Date theme
Day or Evening date?
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Uncle George's - Nothing special about the checkered tablecloth decor, but the food and service is a value. The energy of the neighborhood created by the hustle and bustle make Uncle George's a great first date/ice-breaker location.
El Rey del Taco - The best taco around, but you'll have to find a place to eat it, cuz there's no room in the front seat of the taco truck! And they deliver on late-nights...

Tequila Sunrise - Good service and authentic Mexican cuisine makes you feel like you're nestled in a Sierra Madre cantina. The menu (and drinks) are a little overpriced, but it's worth it in my opinion for the environment. Hands down the best place around to be on Cinco de Mayo!
Ammos - Kind of like Cavo except without all the people, much better food, and lower prices. Ok, it's nothing like Cavo with the exception of being Mediterranean. Their hummus is the best I've ever had. Central Lounge is next door, so if you're feeling adventurous afterwards, you can dip in for a spin around the dance floor. (Also, Central frequently has daily food drink specials. I hear their sushi's actually pretty good).
Mundo - VERY cozy. The Red Sonja never gets old.

Water's Edge - The best scenery around. They also have dinner cruises for special occasions.
Christo's - The food and service would make any setting glamorous.
-Wednesday Night Movie
Socrates Sculpture Park
$10 for the two of you if get El Rey del Taco, or $20 for the two of you if you go for a gyro at Uncle Georges- to expound on Ran's posting.
Socrates Sculpture Park has free movies every Wednesday night at 7. Pick up some tacos or gyros and walk over to the park and have a great and inexpensive meal while you watch a movie. Sounds very romantic to me :)
I like The Brick. Also the Waterfront Crabhouse in LIC (great seafood).
For cocktails, anybody who knows me knows I love Rapture Lounge on 28th. April and Jeff always treat you right.
have you tried the Cafe Bar? it is on 34th Avenue between 36th street and 35th street. Also on same avenue there is this lovely French place call Local on the corner of 33rd street. There is also this great place just off of Broadway on 32nd street called Mundo! It is small and one of my most favorite places! good luck....I have lived here for 11 years and love it here.

oh for cheap...great italian!!!!!! little atmosphere...I can't remember the name, but it is on 35th ave and 33rd street:)
My favorite Italian place in Astoria is L'inconto on 31st and Ditmars. The food is fantastic! My favorites are the mussels in a bread bowl with broth, calamari, or the ravioli with a sage butter sauce. The dress is casual (neat) to dressy. The entrees are between $15-$20. The service is great- the owner has come to my table many times to ask how the food before heading to was. I would consider this place romantic. A good place to start before heading over to a lounge for some after dinner drinks.
I've branched out a bit from Astoria and been to the vineyards on LI, the Freak Show/boardwalk on Coney Island, and City Island in the Bronx. How AMAZING that Astoria is so centrally located for nearly anything you'd want to do! But what about in or even closer to Astoria? Anything to see that's historic or cool? I love the idea of the movie in the park with a picnic. Anybody been to the horse races?
One of the places that Ran mentioned, Water's Edge, is one of my clients, actually. They are on the water, so the view is incredible. The prices are, well, big. Expect to spend at least $50 a person.
If you're ever ready for a genuine down-to-Earth romantic date, consider S'Agapo on 34th Ave and 35th St. Incredible fish, a little pricey but perfect ambience (esp. when sitting outside). Just a great wonderful place to bring "that special someone". Less special people? Probably out of the price range. Hah!
This is a great thread!
well, the moment you have to blog about ideas, might negate the creativity and spontaneity that contribute to a memorable and romantic date. Half the fun is figuring it out. Some would say a trip to Club 23 would be romantic. haha.
When I'm looking for a good date spot, I like to start the night off with a restaurant that offers privacy, professionalism, quality, and of course, value. Then, depending on how the conversation has unfolded, we take it from there...wine bars are always a good follow-up to get a little more cozy, or....Club 23--if you want to get right to the point! I'm a big fan of Bistro Les Minots for dining out dates. Cozy, but not too mushy for a first date.
Ice Skating in the Corona Meadows Aquatic Center $5 weekdays + $5 for rentals. Half the fun could just be getting there. Gotta love that 7 train.




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